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“2020: Wound/Ulcer Management Reimbursement Resolutions for the New Decade”

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Healthtrust presents…“2020: Wound/Ulcer Management Reimbursement Resolutions for the New Decade”

As wound/ulcer management stakeholders enter the new decade, they must work together as a team to manage the revenue cycle of their current business model and to prepare their revenue cycle for the business model refinements that are necessary to provide value-based services throughout the continuum of care. This webinar will review the reimbursement resolutions all stakeholders should make to align with new and frequently misunderstood existing process, coding, coverage, payment and auditing regulations. This up-to-the-minute information should help attendees make reimbursement resolutions that will lay the foundation for successful value-based businesses through the new decade.

Learning Objectives for wound care stakeholders  |  At the end of this session, participants should be able to:

  1. Identify strategies for the entire revenue team to modify business processes to align with new regulations.
  2. Discuss pertinent coding, coverage, payment and auditing shortcomings that may not be synchronized with 2020 regulation
  3. Investigate business model refinements that might contribute to providing value-based wound/ulcer management throughout the continuum of care.


Kathleen Schaum  |  President & Founder  |  Kathleen D. Schaum & Associates, Inc.

Target Audience: Wound care stakeholders

Continuing Education Information: A Certificate of Participation will provided by Pfiedler Education for attendees who view the webinar and complete the course evaluation.

Note about CE credit: If you plan to obtain credit, stay until the end of the presentation to receive the verification code you will need to obtain your continuing education credit. A reminder that CE credit is individual. No group credit is available. Each person must register for this session and attend the webinar for 40 minutes or longer in order to receive an email after the event with instructions on how to apply for continuing education credit. Please do not share the code or forward the email you receive to others who did not actually attend the program. If they are not able to be verified on our webinar provider reports and registration list they will not receive credit. Also, please note: If you are joining only by phone, you will not be eligible for credit. You must also log in and join the visual portion of the webinar to be part of our CE provider-required reporting.