“2023 Novel Drug Approvals Update”

HealthTrust presents..."2023 Novel Drug Approvals CE Update" Each January, the FDA publishes a list of the drugs approved in the previous calendar year for human use. It's important for pharmacists […]

“Drier is Better: Fluid De-resuscitation in Critically Ill Adults”

HealthTrust presents..."Drier is Better: Fluid De-resuscitation in Critically Ill Adults" Restrictive resuscitation measures have failed to show a survival benefit; therefore, researchers are investigating alternative options such as de-resuscitation. There […]

“Demystifying Pharmaceutical Class of Trade”

HealthTrust presents..."Demystifying Pharmaceutical Class of Trade" Pharmaceutical class of trade (COT) refers to the various channels involved in the distribution and sale of pharmaceutical products. Pharmaceutical manufacturers assign COT designations […]