Expanded Education site includes Clinical Evidence Summaries

Education Programs

  • Select “Webinars” from the top bar navigation to view upcoming “Live” programs by date or by discipline; or select “On-demand” to view information on past offerings
  • Additional info on Continuing Education, including the Process for Obtaining CE Credit & info for Potential Presenters – Click here

Clinical Resources

This site enables all-member access to clinical resources which were previously only available through the secure Member Portal. All members can access CES documents with a simple a one-time registration.

  • Select “Clinical Resources” from the top bar navigation to view Clinical Evidence Summaries on a number of product categories in the physician preference/clinically sensitive space
  • Additional information on Clinical Evidence Summaries – Click here

Members are encouraged to let others within their facility or health system know about the expanded website and forward links to these valuable resources.

Note: The clinical resources and educational events offered through this site are for informational purposes only and are not intended to replace individual clinical decision-making, which is the sole and independent responsibility of the practitioner. HealthTrust expressly disclaims any liability for treatment decisions. Please direct any questions or comments to clinical.research@healthtrustpg.com.