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“Respect & Compassion as the Essential Platform for Safe Patient Care Access”

Huggies Healthcare* presents…“Respect & Compassion as the Essential Platform for Safe Patient Care Access”

With so many initiatives and expectations for birthing centers across the country, no performance improvement plan or safety initiative will be successful without being built on the foundation of Respect and Compassion. Commonly now referred to as the 5th R, the lens of Respect will provide tangible ways to address your national safety initiatives. Don’t recreate the wheel, instead join us to explore the many tools already available.

Learning Objectives  |  At the end of this session, participants should be able to:

  • Attain knowledge about a communication framework that fosters shared decision-making among patients, clinicians, caregivers, and other relevant stakeholders in healthcare, aiming to align healthcare decisions with patient preferences, values, and best available evidence.
  •  Recognize clinician biases and negative perceptions that may influence patient-provider interactions, potentially impacting patient autonomy.
  •  Acquire communication strategies to mitigate the biases, fostering an environment conducive to shared decision-making and patient-centered care


Dixie Weber, MS, BSN, RN

Target Audience:  Nurses/Social Workers/Administrators (really awesome respectful/equitable care training for all healthcare professionals)

Continuing Education: 1.0 CNE. Approved Contact Hour(s): 1.0. Program Approval Code #: 125-103-041524 (live), 125-103-041524E (enduring). Approved Expiration Date: 4/15/2026 Northeast Multistate Division (NEMSD) Approver Unit.

Questions should be directed to: Amy Cunningham, Huggies Healthcare  |   amy.kassing@kcc.com 410.897.7425

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