“Bad Bugs, Which Drugs?—A Review of Drug-Resistant Pathogens & Pharmacotherapy”

HealthTrust presents:   “Bad Bugs, Which Drugs?—A Review of Drug-resistant Pathogens & Pharmacotherapy” Download a PDF of this content Antimicrobial resistant pathogens have emerged over time as a potential threat to many patients in the hospital setting. Many of these pathogens may be effectively treated when the optimal drug regimen is selected. This session will discuss […]

To Use or Not to Use Liposomal Bupivacaine: Managing Pharmacotherapy Costs in Orthopaedic Procedure Pain Management

PREVIOUSLY RECORDED: In this program, literature on LB use in orthopedic procedures will be reviewed. The findings of a health economic study of LB at Community Health Systems (CHS) and CHS’s experience and strategy in minimizing LB use will be discussed, including CHS’s approach to managing the pharmacotherapy costs of pain management for orthopedic procedures.