“Issues in Enteral Feeding: Malnutrition”

February 22 @ 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

HealthTrust & Avanos present…”Issues in Enteral Feeding: Malnutrition” The prevalence of malnutrition in developed countries has been estimated to be 1-15 percent of non-institutionalized older adults, 25-60 percent of older adults in geriatric care facilities, and 35-65 percent of older adults in hospitals. Several studies have also reported a prevalence of illness-related malnutrition of 6-51 […]

“Issues in Enteral Feeding: Aspiration”

Access the recording Download a copy of this content. HealthTrust & Avanos present…“Issues in Enteral Feeding: Aspiration” While enteral nutrition can safely improve or maintain a patient’s nutritional status, complications have been associated with its delivery. Pulmonary aspiration is one of the most significant complications in patients receiving enteral nutrition, and aspiration pneumonia is among […]

“Evaluating Nutrient Loss In Continuous Enteral Feeding Systems”

Nutrition Advisory Committee (NAC) presents…”Evaluating Nutrient Loss In Continuous Enteral Feeding Systems” Very low birth weight (VLBW) and other high-risk infants require accurate delivery of nutrients to promote appropriate growth. However, loss of nutrients may occur during gavage feeding of fortified human milk. This presentation examines literature that has quantified nutrient loss based on current […]