“Wound Bed Preparation—Removal of the Barriers to Healing”

HealthTrust and L&R USA Inc. present… “Wound Bed Preparation—Removal of the Barriers to Healing” Download a copy of this content  Listen to a recording of this session Chronic wounds are more than wounds that have been present for an extended period of time. Current thinking more accurately describes a chronic wound as one that has […]

BSN Medical On-demand program: “Removing Barriers to Healing: The Latest Evidence on Hydrophobic Dressings”

This CE on-demand program will explore the value of hydrophobic dressings in reducing bacterial colonization, examine the latest studies on the effects of hydrophobic dressings, and analyze cases on the use of hydrophobic dressing to manage a variety of chronic wounds. Learning Objectives After completing this activity, participants should be able to: Explore the value […]