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“In the Trenches with Lymphedema: Wound Care in Lymphedema Patients”

WoundSource* presents…”In the Trenches with Lymphedema: Wound Care in Lymphedema Patients

Working with lymphedema patients, indeed patients with any type of edema, can be very challenging for clinicians because of the diagnosis and population, as well as the need for lymphology training across the disciplines involved in the care plan. Treating lymphedema and differentiating it from congestive heart failure, venous stasis, and renal failure requires a multidisciplinary approach.

This webinar will differentiate types of edema, identify markers that should contraindicate or modify complex lymphatic therapy, and provide a path for the interdisciplinary team to safely navigate treatment for patients with lymphedema, including patients with wounds.


Janet Wolfson, PT, CLWT, CWS, CLT-LANA   |  Physical Therapist & Certified Lymphedema Therapist  |  Instructor in Wound Care & Lymphedema Treatment | ILWTI  |  Wound Care Coordinator  |  Encompass Health of Ocala

Target Audience: Nursing

Questions should be directed to WoundSource (800) 787-1931

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