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Across the nation, courageous frontline clinicians are making great personal sacrifices in the war against COVID-19. They truly are Clinical Warriors and we want to recognize their heroic efforts.

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Rhonda Zeringue and StaffSt. James Parish Hospital

At the height of COVID, St. James was one of the hardest hit counties per capita in the nation. The amazing team at St. James Parish Hospital led by Rhonda Zeringue stepped up for their community. Team members learned new skills, transferred between departments and worked long shifts to be there for patients–some even making the difficult decision to move out of their homes for the safety of their families. Thank you to the selfless, St. James staff, for being large enough to serve and small enough to care.


Natasha PhamRoxborough Memorial Hospital, Prime Healthcare

In the midst of a COVID-19 surge, Natasha tackled 12 hour pharmacy shifts for a month straight. She maintained all the moving parts of the pharmacy, while her co-workers recovered from illness. Thank you Natasha for being reliable and flexible during the rampant COVID-19 surge.


Muhammad SheikhHackettstown Medical Center

Muhammad was the lone clinical pharmacist at Hackettstown Medical Center, when COVID-19 hit New Jersey. Burning the candle at both ends, he was available 24/7 for his team, assisting with rounds and monitoring patients. Thank you Muhammad for your devotion to patients & staff during these unprecedented times.


David SilvermanPrime Healthcare

The moment COVID began to wreak havoc in the US, David’s leadership and proactive thinking united Prime Healthcare’s 45 hospitals. David marshalled clinical operations standardization, corporate formularies, a national stockpiling strategy and a benchmark for staffing level. Thank you David for creating lasting impact on the mission to save patients’ lives amidst the pandemic!


Meagan FarajGarden City Hospital

Working overtime during the COVID crisis in Michigan, a pregnant Meagan Faraj took on extra responsibilities like filling IV bags for coding patients and serving as a pharmacy buyer. Megan Faraj, thank you for being a selfless clinical warrior!


Mari Lynn Ross and TeamFranciscan Health Olympia Fields

COVID-19 hit hard at Franciscan Health Olympia Fields in Cook County, IL. With 1,100 positive tests, and 500 admissions, the team has jumped into action by creating cohort units, completing extra training, redesigning emergency processes, managing PPE and working extra shifts. Thank you Mari Lynn Ross and staff for adapting to meet patient needs while maintaining focus on community health!


Natalie Erichsen, Kyle Brown, Alan Chen, Rosana ShifanChilton Medical Center, Atlantic Health

Chilton Medical Center was one of the hardest hit in NJ. Since over 90% of CMC admissions were COVID they were forced to open multiple new ICUs. The pharmacy team divided up the units and took care of every ICU 7 days a week helping out in any way they could. Thank you CMC pharmacy team for your perseverance!


Narina Wyar, Michael Botros, and Anand DesaiNewton Medical Center, New Jersey

Narina Wyar, Michael Botros, and Anand Desai never hesitated to lend a helping hand as pharmacists and technicians at Newton Medical Center in the hot spot of New Jersey. Always willing to provide pharmaceutical needs to COVID patients 7 days a week and even in their off hours. Thank you for always stepping up to help with a smile on your face & under your mask!


Lisa Andrews MS, RRT-NPSDelray Medical Center

As the Incident Commander of her facility with credentials in both Respiratory Therapy and Healthcare Emergency Management Lisa Andrews has been fighting the COVID crisis head on in South Florida. At one point she worked 45 days straight leading her team through census fluctuations and the many policy and practice changes. Thank you Lisa for your sacrifice and commitment!


Dr. Steve Cheung, MD, PhD and Orlando Health Pathology TeamOrlando Health, Orlando, FL

In an effort to protect patients and frontline clinicians, Dr. Steven Cheung, MD, PhD and his team (Raymond Franklin, MD, PhD, Mary Jean White, Valerie Hoover, and Marissa Batey) at Orlando Health Department of Pathology innovated a 24 hour, in-house COVID-19 rapid test. Orlando City soccer professionals Alex Morgan and Luis Nani paid tribute to Dr. Cheung and Dr. Franklin by putting their names on their jerseys, calling them the “real heros.” Thank you Dr. Cheung and team for your ingenuity and using your clinical expertise to fight COVID 19!


Dameka Miller, Jennifer Chenard, Lynne FarkasTrinity Health, Livonia, MI

We all know that to beat COVID-19 we need PPE on the front lines, yet supplies are scarce. Thanks to Dameka, Jennifer, and Lynne, a relationship was forged with Detroit Sewn, a local sewing operation and they are now producing 50,000 CDC-approved masks for Trinity. Ladies, your community and the front line workers appreciate you!

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Terrie Whitfield, RN LeBonheur Children’s Hospital

Terrie Whitfield is serving triple-duty as nurse, driver and mechanic on the mobile medical clinic in Memphis and providing valuable COVID screening and testing. A 34-year nursing veteran, Terrie has adapted to meet the changing demands of COVID. Her flexibility, collaboration and compassion are a true inspiration. Thank you, Terrie!


Susanne WalkerTulane Medical Center, HCA

COVID-19’s impact on New Orleans and Tulane MC has been daunting, but with case numbers rising and supplies depleting, Susanne Walker stepped in as a dominant force. She worked around the clock, serving nurses and medical staff with PPE guidance resulting in zero staff exposures and the lowest PPE burn rate in the company among active COVID units! Thank you, Susanne!


Dreina PercivalClara Maass Medical Center, RWJBH

Clara Maass Medical Center in New Jersey is in a COVID-19 hot zone and overwhelmed with patients. As a CRD, Dreina has been relentless in her support for Respiratory Therapists on the front lines throughout all of RWJBH; her unyielding pursuit of supplies and communication is positioning care providers and patients for victory over this virus! Thank you!


Cory GoldsteinSaint Joseph’s Medical Center, Yonkers, NY

St. Joseph’s is in a hot zone near the Bronx; 85% of admissions in a 4-week period were for COVID and many staff members have tested positive. Despite the risks, Cory checked into a hotel so he could be more present on the frontlines and works countless hours procuring vital supplies. Cory, your role is essential for winning this battle and we thank you!

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Rick Steinwandtner, PA-CSaint Barnabas Medical Center, RJWBarnabas Health

Rick Steinwandtner and the team of clinicians at Saint Barnabas Medical Center are working tirelessly and at great personal risk to combat COVID and provide compassionate intensive care beyond the ICU and CCU. We thank you for your courage and commitment to patient care!


Roe Leavitt, RNSt. Mary’s Hospital, SSM Health

Roe serves on the frontlines and she contracted COVID, possibly while caring for patients. 13 days after symptoms presented Roe was healthy, back on the frontlines serving patients and spreading hope! She states, “Patients may forget your name, but they’ll never forget how you made them feel!” Roe, the hope you share extends beyond St. Mary’s! Thank you!


Sharon ConroyCommunity Hospital, McCook NE

When COVID-19 first emerged, Sharon worked tirelessly to prepare her critical access hospital for the battle. She moved quickly to apply the knowledge gained from her FEMA training and thanks to her leadership Community Hospital’s supply chain and frontline clinicians are positioned to succeed! Your colleagues and your community thank you!


Cristina SimeoneJersey City Medical Center, RWJBarnabas Health

Cristina Simeone showed her husband Tom a picture of an isolation tent created to protect clinicians transporting COVID-19 patients and asked if he could build them. Tom took action, building 3 IsoPods that they donated to Jersey City MC and he continues to build. Thanks to the ingenuity and generosity of people like the Simeone’s we will win this battle!

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RWJUH Somerset Supply Chain TeamRobert Wood Johnson University Hospital Somerset

Jack, Obe, Joe, Evan, JR and the entire supply chain team at RWJUH are working tirelessly 7 days a week to get supplies to staff and patients on the front lines. This COVID-19 battle can’t be won without the commitment and sacrifices being made by supply chain teams across the nation! Thank you!

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Bri O’Neil, Michelle Burwell and TeamTristar Hendersonville Medical Center

Despite the risks, anxiety and uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 Bri O’Neil, Michelle Burwell and the entire team of nurses on the Medical Surgical Floor at Tristar Hendersonville MC worked vigorously to implement PPE guidance recommendations and provide high level patient care. We thank you!

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Jessica Liles and Child Life SpecialistsMethodist Le Bonheur, Children’s Hospital

Patients battling COVID-19 are often separated from their families, causing emotional strife for children. Jessica and team, we thank you for your commitment to the emotional health of these children. May you continue to bring “a little bit of light, laughter and normalcy” to their lives at this difficult time!

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Emily Schindler, MDMercy Hospital St. Louis

According to the FDA, convalescent plasma may be effective in fighting COVID-19 in active patients. Dr. Schindler and Mercy Health are working diligently to find a treatment for COVID-19 by collecting donations, administering to active patients and reporting the results to the FDA. We thank you for your relentless pursuit to improve human life!

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HCA Midwest Health Nurses - 1st WaveKansas City Area

When called to help in New Orleans, a COVID hot zone, this group of Kansas City nurses ran to the frontline! Abigail, Kathryn, Amelia and Elizabeth from Centerpoint MC; Sondra from Belton Regional; Monica from Menorah MC; Cassie from Overland Park Regional and Suzanne from Division, thanks for your courage and commitment to improving human life!

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HCA Midwest Health Nurses - 2nd WaveKansas City Area

Despite the risks and in the face of danger these nurses from Kansas City boarded a plane and joined the battle on the frontlines in New Orleans! Taylor, Beatta, Julie, Alyson, Justin, Allison, Jasmine, Alijah from Overland Park Regional and Kiley from Menorah MC we thank you. Your sacrifice and commitment to patient care gives hope to us all!


HCA Midwest Health Nurses - 3rd WaveKansas City Area

New Orleans was a hot zone for COVID and needed help and these Kansas City nurses answered the call! Josh and Jenna from Belton Regional; Shellie from Centerpoint MC; Katrina, Alec, Alicia and Madison from Menorah MC; Maggie and Mary from Overland Park Regional; and Ashley from Lee’s Summit MC we thank each of you for your courage and sacrifice!


Baylie MaderNurse - Tulane Medical Center

Baylie worked tirelessly in the COVID ICU every day this week. Thank you for your courage and perseverance on the front lines!

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Lacey FellowsFranklin County Medical Center

When COVID-19 threatened Lacey responded and worked endlessly to prepare Franklin County Medical Center for the pandemic! Her efforts put the community in a better position to win the battle and they’re grateful for her sacrifice and commitment to patient care!


Marcia CrawfordVista Medical Center - Quorum Health

Marcia Crawford and her team of clinicians at Vista Medical Center are working tirelessly and at great personal risk to combat COVID in the hot zone of Chicago, IL. We thank you for your courage and commitment to patient care!


Dawn NormoyleMedCity Dallas - HCA

Working on the frontlines in Dallas, quick-thinking led Dawn Normoyle to leverage existing products, allowing her to innovate two methods for preventing the spread of COVID-19 in the patient care setting. To win the battle against COVID exceptional efforts and creative ideas are required, we thank you for all you do!

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RWJBH Supply Chain TeamRWJBarnabas Health

COVID patients and frontline clinicians need the right supplies at the right time to win this battle and when COVID led to a startling spike in demand for products, the RWJBH supply chain team moved quickly and delivered! Bob, Mary, Tracy, Phil, Paula, Dorothy and Adrian we thank you for your relentless commitment to improve human life!


Respiratory Therapy TeamHoly Cross Hospital - Trinity Health

Every day the Holy Cross Respiratory Therapists volunteer to assist in COVID units and work in close proximity with patients at the heart of the pandemic. Without fail or complaint they’re placing themselves at risk of contracting the disease, they are the tip of the spear fighting the health care crisis. We thank you!

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