Patient Temperature Management

Patient temperature management is important for optimal clinical outcomes and includes active body surface warming (ABSW) to maintain normothermia in the perioperative period, initiating targeted temperature management (TTM) for victims of cardiac arrest and stroke, or rewarming after a hypothermic event. Temperature management options are dependent on therapy goals. Conductive, convective, and reflective warming methods are available to ensure normothermia in the perioperative period. Body surface cooling, endovascular cooling, cold saline fluids and ice bags assist clinicians to achieve TTM in appropriate patients. This category has a number of suppliers with various features available on each system. HealthTrust members have exclusive access to a product features document found within the contract package on the Member Portal. If you do not have access to the Member Portal, contact your local supply chain administrator or HealthTrust Account Manager to request a copy of product features document.

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