“Dress for Success: Clinical Considerations in Wound Dressing Selection”

WoundSource presents…“Dress for Success: Clinical Considerations in Wound Dressing Selection” Choosing a wound dressing can be a difficult task, a task that is often debatable, confusing, and complicated. However, understanding this important step in the wound healing cascade is integral to maintaining and achieving healing outcomes for our patients with chronic and acute wounds. This […]

BSN Medical On-demand program: “Shining the Light on Pediatric Wound Care: Going Green with DACC Technology”

This CE on demand program will improve the participants’ knowledge of neonatal and pediatric cutaneous injuries, the unique aspects of neonatal skin, and the treatment difficulties. The program will offer new approaches to prevention and treatment of colonized and infected pediatric wounds. Learning Objectives Upon completion of program, participants should be able to: Discuss prevalence […]

BSN Medical On-demand program: “Removing Barriers to Healing: The Latest Evidence on Hydrophobic Dressings”

This CE on-demand program will explore the value of hydrophobic dressings in reducing bacterial colonization, examine the latest studies on the effects of hydrophobic dressings, and analyze cases on the use of hydrophobic dressing to manage a variety of chronic wounds. Learning Objectives After completing this activity, participants should be able to: Explore the value […]