Vascular Tissue Repair

Products for the surgical repair of cardiovascular tissue and pericardial closure are often xenografts: porcine or bovine; or man-made expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) or woven polyester. A porcine product is intended for the reconstruction and repair of the pericardium or intracardiac defects. Bovine products are indicated for use as a patch in pericardial closure and in the surgical repair of cardiac and vascular defects including intracardiac defects such as septal defects, valve and annulus repair, great vessel reconstruction, and peripheral vascular reconstruction and suture line buttressing. Man-made products are indicated for the reconstruction or repair of the pericardium or in the case woven polyester which is typically indicated for vascular patch grafting and for intracardiac patching. This document provides an overview of these products and current evidence regarding their use.

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