“Establishing Best Practice in Steam Sterilization Monitoring: BIs & CIs”

STERIS University* presents…“Establishing Best Practice in Steam Sterilization Monitoring: BIs & CIs” The goal of sterility assurance is to verify and maintain the sterility of medical instrumentation until it is used on a patient. Healthcare professionals use a combination of products to ensure that the critical parameters of sterilization have been met, and this webinar will […]

How Do You Know If Your Sterilized Instruments Remain Sterile?

PREVIOUSLY RECORDED: This continuing education activity will provide a review of sterility maintenance using sterilization packaging systems for preventing surgical site infections, with a focus on rigid containers and sterilization wrap. Four types of rigid containers and wraps available for use today will be reviewed. Key aspects of the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation /American National Standards Institute (AAMI/ANSI) ST77 standards related to the sterility maintenance testing of sterilization packaging systems will be outlined.

Periodic Device Testing Made Easy: A Quality Management System for Steam Sterilization

PREVIOUSLY RECORDED: Periodic Device Testing allows your department to ensure that combinations of product families does not create a greater sterilization challenge, ensures that all requirements are met and aids to consistently provide products that meet requirements. When you understand and control the processes, you can manage them effectively.

The Evolution of Hydrogen Peroxide Gas Technologies

PREVIOUSLY RECORDED: Hydrogen peroxide is a powerful antimicrobial that has been used for over 150 years in both liquid and gas form. The objective of this CE webinar is to review the clinical use of hydrogen peroxide, from the past to the present.

The Spaulding Classification: Is It Time to Reconsider?

STERIS University presents: The Spaulding Classification: Is It Time to Reconsider? Overview: Upon completion of this CE webinar course, participants should be able to define the Spaulding Classification and how it applies to device reprocessing; understand the traditional hierarchy of microorganism resistance to antimicrobial processes; and provide recent examples of studies with viruses, bacteria, protozoa […]

A Day in the Life…Steam Sterilization Reprocessing

PREVIOUSLY RECORDED: This program will review the daily processing steps in a Sterile Processing Department; describe the best practices for packaging, preparation and loading the sterilizer; and describe the recommended practices for Bowie-Dick testing and routine sterilizer efficacy monitoring.

The Implications of Residual Contamination on Flexible Endoscopes – Part 3: Liquid Chemical Sterilization

PREVIOUSLY RECORDED: You must first register with Steris University to view the recorded webinars, then select the “Gerald McDonnell” course, register for the session and complete the course.

Reprocessing Accreditation Survey Results – Learn Survey Survival Tactics

PREVIOUSLY RECORDED: This session will discuss published standards and recommended practices related to reprocessing reusable medical devices. With increased requirements for reporting/data management/record keeping, this presentation is topical and timely for sterile processing professionals.