“Going Plant-centered for Patients & Planet” 

February 26 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Practice Greenhealth’s Greenhealth Academy* presents…“Going Plant-centered for Patients & Planet” Food production is a significant contributor to climate change, accounting for nearly a quarter of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Animal-based foods account for two-thirds of agricultural GHG emissions and more than three-quarters of agricultural land use, while plant-based foods have much lower environmental impacts. […]

“Delivering Climate-smart Healthcare”

Practice Greenhealth’s Greenhealth Academy* presents…“Delivering Climate-smart Healthcare” Our communities once again experienced the health impacts of climate change in 2018, including increases in heat-related illness, asthma and respiratory illness, as well as injuries and premature deaths from extreme weather events such as wildfires and hurricanes. Practice Greenhealth knows climate is a pressing issue for you […]

“Calculating the Value of Buying Green”

  The NASPO* Best Practices Committee’s Green Purchasing Work Group presents…“Calculating the Value of Buying Green” A NASPO Best Practices Webinar showcasing three examples of benefits calculation tools: Waste Reduction Model (EPA) Cool Climate Calculator (University of California, Berkeley) and Electronics Environmental Benefits Calculator (EPA) Attendees will learn how benefits calculators can help you build […]